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If you’d like to support a wildlife carer, rescuer, shelter or facility directly, The Gift Project provides a platform to create this connection.

We’ve developed this platform to provide an alternative to the traditional donation of funds to a charity or third party organisation.

You can register now to help via The Gift Project knowing that you’re directly working with the recipient of your offer of support to facilitate their work.

Simply register your offer with a few details and we’ll make it happen.

You can either respond to a registered need as listed, or post a new offer and wait for a response. It’s that easy.

Register now for an account and login via the Home page. Once registered, you’ll receive an email acknowledging your registration and account request. We’ll then notify you by email that your membership has been approved.

Upon approval you’re welcome to list your offer of help on the I Can page under Add New.

From there, we’ll put you in touch with your recipient and remain in the background as moderator to ensure the legitimacy of the exchange and to ensure the safety of both parties. We’re happy to help facilitate any request; just let us know what you’d like us to help with.

If at any time you feel that this is not a legitimate exchange please contact us immediately. For further information regarding your security please refer to our privacy policy on our FAQ page.

baby travel cot for animal carer use Apply Now

Author: , Category: , Date: January 11, 2021, No Comments

I have one baby travel cot to give away. Easy fold out and easy to put away again (once you get the hang of it). Fits into it’s own carry bag and has it’s own mattress. This is for animal carers only – please do not apply for this to give to a human baby. Many animal carers use baby travel cots to hang pinky pouches for joeys up and into it so the joey is safe inside. Others have a cover over the top to isolate an animal during quarantine time or to put baby possums inside their own little “run”. I am in Sydney, but we might be able to find transport or I can mail it if you live further away. I am adding a picture of a carer who is using a travel cot.