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Fencing for 5 acres at Amaris Wildlife Sanctuary Apply Now

Author: , Category: , Date: December 24, 2020, No Comments

Amaris Wildlife Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases mainly Western Grey Kangaroos and our Critically Endangered Western Ringtail possums. I am currently on 5 acres that is fenced but the bigger roos can come and go as they want. Generally they just stay. 5 of my released girls now have babies on board. I am currently appyling for the use of another 6 acres of crown land adjacent to me. The shire is supporting my request. It will need to fenced. I have no idea at this stage how much it will be, but thought I would start fundraising early. Waiting for a quote. I am also supplement feeding the wild population of roos here, we are in a drought region and everything is already so dry and dead and we are only just at the beginning of summer, so any help with feed would be appreciated. Currently spending $100 per week on Kanga Mix. Thank you for this platform, I think its a great idea. Great work Sarah.

Little Urchins Wildlife Sanctuary Apply Now

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At Little Urchins, we specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation & care of kangaroos from joeys to adults & are now at capacity. Our big kids desperately need a new pen and we’d love your help to make that happen. Our quote for materials alone is $8500; labour will be in addition to this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank-you from all the kids. Kat XO