Inspired by the incredible worldwide response to the catastrophic bush fires of 2019/20 which ravaged the Eastern and Southern regions of Australia with horrific loss of life, both human and animal, The gift Project was born.

Providing a brand new platform to connect you with someone in need, you can now ensure your contribution will go directly to your recipient and actually make a difference. This eliminates the need for a third party collection agency and enables you to follow the journey of your donation.

By committing to help someone in need, you contribute to the ongoing efforts of those who dedicate their lives to saving the most vulnerable on our planet.

Whether you’d prefer to provide financial assistance for a project, products, services, volunteer your time or other, by registering to join the community you can make a huge difference in the lives of those who so tirelessly give theirs.

Size doesn’t matter, intention does.

This is not a fundraiser for charity. What we’re doing here is connecting  generous souls who want to do something good for the sake of animal and humankind.

It’s that simple.

To read more about The Gift Project see the About and FAQ’s pages.



‘The Gift Project’. And what a project this became for its creator, Sarah Hart. Sarah contacted me at the beginning to see if I was interested in being of support during the early stages of the hellish bush fires of 2019/20 across Australia. I was, and did what I could to assist the many wonderful rescuers and carers and Sarah, with her passion and desire to be of help to our wonderful Australian bush inhabitants who were in the firing line of the monster raging towards them. From the wonderful ‘Wombat Hyatt’ on the NSW southern coast to all of the many urgent feeding, care and rehabilitation centres set up to help the injured and orphaned that somehow survived the holocaust. Well that season once again approaches us, so if you can help Sarah and her gang continue their great work I would be most grateful. Thankyou.

Tony Bonner AM

Ambassador The Gift Project