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by Sarah Hart

Inspired by the incredible worldwide response to the catastrophic bush fires of 2019/20 which ravaged the Eastern and Southern regions of Australia with horrific loss of life, both human and animal, The gift Project was born.

Providing a brand new platform to connect you with someone in need, you can now ensure your contribution goes directly to your recipient and actually makes a difference. This eliminates the need for a third party collection agency and enables you to follow the journey of your donation.

By committing to help someone in need, you contribute to the ongoing efforts of those who dedicate their lives to saving the most vulnerable on our planet.

Whether you’d prefer to provide financial assistance for a project, products, services, volunteer your time or other, by registering to join the community you can make a huge difference in the lives of those who so tirelessly give theirs.

Size doesn’t matter, intention does.

This is not a fundraiser for charity. What we’re doing here is connecting  generous souls who want to do something good for the sake of animal and humankind.

It’s that simple.

I’ve always believed that there’s a solution for every problem and therefore there’s nothing we can’t solve. Together we can reconnect and do amazing things!

Love and Gratitude. Sarah xo

A heartfelt thank you to all the fireys both paid and volunteers, all emergency service crews, police, ambos, support crews and drivers everywhere and those who spend countless hours accepting, sorting and delivering donations of all kinds.
And to all the earth angels who are looking after our precious wildlife of all derivations, enormous gratitude and respect. Without you our animals would suffer and potentially be lost forever.
It’s an unimaginable concept.

Special thanks to the following people who have been incredibly generous and supportive since I started on this journey:

Jeremy McCristal for his incredible connection with the help of Aaron Hansen-every request I made for equipment was granted. Bloody legends!*

Sherridan Edward for creating and donating the beautiful images for our Tees and website. Check out her gorgeous Insta at matthew_5_13

Tony Bonner AM ambassador for The Gift Project for his amazing support and continuing the beautiful legend that is the iconic Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Insta at tonybonneractor

Corey Harper for his beautiful, soulful music, open support with no hesitation and Ireland Basinger-Baldwin for being in it with him. Insta at coreyharper

Rebekah Lee Ricardo for immense 24/7 support from the other side of the world and for helping to pull this together.

Our wildlife are in trouble and there’s much work to be done on regeneration and re-population. My wish is to see an end to suffering and create positive change.

Together we can do this.

*You can also purchase a cotton Tee via the Purchase Now link at the top of this page with 100% of profits contributing to specific gifts as detailed on The Gift Project store front page. Tees come in an extensive range of sizes for both adults and kids with our two gorgeous designs available on both white and black shirts along with linen cushion covers and linen tea towels.

The first gift is a portable X-ray machine for Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter and  vet, Dr. Alistair Brown. The X-ray machine will be used both at Wildhaven and out in the field to diagnose and treat injured wildlife; X-rays are always a costly part of treatment and will alleviate some of the financial burden incurred by rescuers and carers in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of our wildlife.

We can’t wait to be able to purchase this machine, it will truly make an enormous difference. Your support is greatly appreciated!